Sunday, March 15, 2009

What is Chris Doing?

I know, it is the question we all ask ourselves daily, some of us hourly.  So I created a website.  You can check it out at and have all of your questions answered.

This blog will no be only as an archive to the new blog on the webpage.  I hope you enjoy it.  I have some photos up I have taken over the years and will get some artwork up there soon.  

Take care.

Stallingsworth Out.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm on the Interwebs.

Not sure if I am on the Google or not, but I'm on the Interwebber.  When I figure out how to move the blog, I will, and I will let you know.  

Nothing new today, but Tomorrow looks promising.  Why?  Its Friday and all of you knuckleheads that have to work will post on your Facebook something along the lines of , "Sweet Jesus Can't wait for 5 pm so I can get hammered, get up and get hammered again on Saturday, and have brunch with whomever on Sunday."  Nothing wrong with that, I just can't wait to do that myself.

Enjoy your Thursday.  Its nice out, I know, I went for a walk to Harbor East and back today.

Stallingsworth Out.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I got a new computer and got heckled for it.

I know I updated my FB and such today regarding this, but since I am not being paid for the endorsement, I am going to refer to this new computer in a descriptive manner you will read about below. I was gently nudged to start drawing again by a pretty amazing person and have been on a rampage lately.  Not so much as putting things on paper, but more so in my mind. The old version of Illustrator and Photoshop no longer work (as well as I would like) on the Magic Box (its actual name and server ID). It is full of updates and such and to use more than 2 layers, and Im limited in the size of them as well, is a pain.  I wiped the thing clean twice, but hey, its now a back up.  

Anyway, back from my aversion of telling the story, I was heckled at the Mall for carrying a giant white box with a piece of gray fruit on the side.  I was, I am not making this up.  It was while I was riding the escalator to the second floor near the Verizon stand and the pretzel stand.  I parked in that lot (that is amazing to find a spot there as well, but I have a Bat Cave spot people don't think is a spot, but it is.  Thats what working at Sbarro in high school gets you) and a guy who is looking at phones at the Verizon stand said, "Someone thinks he is hot shit."  My reply was simple.  It was not to gloat my purchase, but rather to cause this guy whom I had absolutely no contact with to mull over this for the rest of the day.  I simply got off of the escalator, stopped, faced directly to him, and showed him all four sides of the box. I smiled and walked out the door to my car.  

On my way from Towson to White Marsh to return a pair of shoes, I realized that there is a crap ton of mold in the air and its about allergy time.  My face was divided in half with pain and tightness from my sinuses.  So bad that I went home, still motivated to run, and laid down.  I ended up napping for 2.5 hours.  Im still feeling like crap, but better than before, but my equilibrium is a bit off and makes standing suddenly a lot of fun.

I am building a website.  The domain name is and will be up within the week.  I registered with, so you will see that site until I have it up or part of it up or maybe just a picture of something.  I think Ill do that instead. I am transferring things over from the not so Magic Box which takes FOR-EVVVV-VER, but over time I will get it up so that you may contribute to it as well.  If you want to.

I haven't ranted about anything in a while, but here you go....
Tagging me in Facebook things like a collage of pictures so I will tag you.  If you want to know which stupid picture I would associate you to, ask me.  I will be honest, I will pick the most insulting one, simply because it would be funny.  As convenient as it may be or cute as it is sly, it is a pain in my ass.  I have the application on my phone, which I removed today, and I have email.  I HAVE 34 MESSAGES FROM PEOPLE I DO NOT KNOW COMMENTING ON PHOTOS THAT ARE OF JAPANESE CAT CARTOONS WITH MY NAME ON IT!!!!!!!  I will get you back, and it will not be a flattering photo.  Check my FB page and see which photos I add and PLEASE comment on them like 6 different times referring to something I have absolutely no idea as to what it pertains to.  

Stallingsworth Out.

Monday, March 9, 2009

So long Teeing off, hello suiting up for work.

Well, it is sooooo freaking nice out, I had to go to work today. I know, you all are thinking, "Ah, so do I," but I was off for six weeks. Six weeks! I want six more! Bush Tax Cuts are awesome, but the president wasn't, so go figure that as well as that is what I would have lived off of for another 4 months.

Everyone new was about 24-25. I felt old. Then I remembered to shut my mouth, keep straight, as I am going to crush them in numbers, cause that is what I do. I will save you money on your car insurance, so in 3 months, lets do lunch.

At lunch I ordered an Italian cold cut and asked for hots, lettuce and tomaters. I got fried onions and mayonnaise. Mayonnaise kills me, like knots my upper intestine and gives me pain kills me. I don't know what it is, the combination of oil and egg yolk maybe? I wiped the bread clean, the meat, scraped off the onions.....but it doesn't matter. Just a tiny bit gets me. That's why I fancy Miracle Whip. I go the lite version because it has less sour cream in it, less of that tangy zip, but vital for tuna salad sandwiches. So now I can kiss this beautiful day away and have to wait until around 5 or 6 so to run, thanks to some mayo. I know, TMI, but guess what? Its my blog, I'm writing it. And why didn't I just send the sandwich back? I tried. I even walked to the kitchen and asked but no one wanted to look my way. I guess being a foot taller than the tallest kitchen worker maybe be a bit intimidating as well.

I also want to recommend the Perfect Pull-Up. You can do like 35 exercises if you get creative with it and you understand the principles of lifting and such. Alright, going to walk to the grocery store.... as I can now afford Organic milk again.

Stallingsworth out!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Do you remember when.... last played this game.

You are welcome, especially since you are at work. Oregon Trail is the tits. I made it all the way, first time ever. I even got a Top 10 score.

Its my buddy's birthday today, so that means bowling. Bowling parties are way cooler when you are older. You can drink. Although when you were a kid, you had Street Fighter and Pinball games as well. You don't seem them anymore.

I will be working on Monday, my funemployent comes to a close, but not worry, since I will be in front of a computer more often, I will blog more. I promise.

Stallingsworth Out.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

F My Life

Okay, that title was harsh, but I have something for you, so hang tight, I will get to that in a bit.

Right now, I am deciding between some jobs, I have had a few offers, they are both promising, one is very promising, but the economy has to turn around and I would have to bust ass for 3-5 more years non stop. I'm all for it, I can do that, but I need to get paid while I work, not training and then getting paid. Its standard for the industry, but I have a mortgage, student loan, and a healthy addiction to organic milk, which we all know costs a bit more. Damn I love Organic Cows.
Enough with the job hunt. Be lucky you have a job, I hate doing nothing. I do go to the driving range a lot and my short game has greatly improved, but I am realizing my Driver is not the right one for me, so I need to get a new one, but my 3 wood is sweet, so Ill play a more accurate shot over distance in the rough any day.

Okay, so the F My Life part. Well, this site pops up from time to time and makes you laugh, then you forget about it. I recall seeing this a few years back, maybe a year, I don't know. My cousin in TX (he moved for a girl and he loves guns, so go figure) sent it to me. The first page is great, then they get weird, but there are some gems if you take about 10-15 minutes to read through them.

Stallingsworth out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I cant make this up.

Wednesday's are great. G-man has the day off and with Funemployment still in full swing, we usually do something fun. Today was no different. We went to the Orioles store, my sister had purchased me a Baltimore Away jersey and were only sold there. We went to Legends, the museum, and we got $10 hats. No big deal.

Then to Fells to have lunch at Alexander's Tavern. Whoooooa boy. We sit down and this big dude strolls in and asks for a beer, doesn't matter which one, just wants a beer. As he is drinking, he is claiming, "This is my last one for a while, going to rehab, I'm a veteran, the Government is taking care of me." Well I am glad the government is helping those who have served it, I truly am, but man, after this dude left....the owner says to us, "That could have been bad."

Five minutes pass and this old guy comes in, drinking Sambuca (spelling?). He gets a bit tipsy and we start talking about Duke, he is a HUGE fan, as am I. The best part comes when he is telling stories about hanging with the old Baltimore Colts and how he used to party, get into fights, and fornicate with the Colts female friends of the players.

If I am still Funemployed next Wednesday, you know where I will be.

Stallingsworth out.